Temperature Scan
Face Mask Check
Density Threshold
Screening Passed

Touchless self check-ins
managed by cloud

LivMote automates workplace screening, and gives you the ability to manage the screening process instantly and conveniently through cloud.

Starts Automatically

LivMote uses a tiny LIDAR system to automatically detect people in close proximity, starting the screening only when the user is in the right position.

Anti-Microbial, No Touch Surface

When we say touchless, we mean it. We’ve designed a zero-touch experience, along with a protective anti-microbial film that covers the entire surface.

Accurate and Fast

Our intelligent IR sensor provides a temperature check in 0.2 seconds with industry leading accuracy.

No Facial Recognition Needed

LivMote’s unique RFID/NFC and QR reading capabilities allow staff and visitors to log their screening without relying on facial recognition.

Proud to work with

"We needed an easy-to-use solution to reopen our preschool. LivMote was deployed in a day and has worked great."

Kevin Kung, Executive Director at Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center

"LivMote has helped us securely bring back thousands of facility workers safely and quickly."

Liting Cai, CEO of Maxnerva

"We've been looking for a solution that helps our employees feel safe at work. LivMote has exceeded our expectations."

Merv Redman, Co-Owner of Amber Steel

Tailored for your workplace

LivMote works with industry partners to provide best-in-class screening questions from the CDC, FDA, and more.


Scan temperatures upon entrance, and automate state health department guidelines on health checks for your staff. Great for back-of-house and customers.

Healthcare & Seniors

Adopt ADA, AHCA and NCAL screening guidelines for visitors and staff. Ensure reliable and safe screening for all staff, health care workers, and externals visitors.


Easily conduct staff and shopper screening without being intrusive. Manage all locations under one platform to ensure consistency and compliance.


Scan temperatures upon entrance, and automate state health department guidelines on health checks for your staff. Great for back-of-house and customers.

Automate data capture and reporting

Save countless hours and avoid the risk of human error. LivMote reliably records each screen and interaction, with auditable data logs and automatically generated compliance reports - all customizable to your data privacy policy and internal requirements.

Data Protection and Privacy

At LivMote, trust is at the core of our company. We’ve engineered our products from scratch, working with the world’s largest electronics manufacturer and best-in-class security experts to keep your company safe.

Built-In Device Security

Designed with security in mind, LivMote is the only solution with built-in physical tamper detection to prevent root access.

Access Security & Permissions

Our platform offers multiple levels of account security and data-access permissions to meet your organization needs.

Data & Cloud Security

Built on Azure IoT, LivMote leads the industry in data security. AES-256 encryption at rest, HTTPS/TLS 1.2 encryption over Port 443.

Privacy-First Platform

Our platform is compliant for CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA, and audited ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 compliant hosting.

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