Enterprise-grade touchless temperature scanner

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Empower staff and visitors to self screen, touchlessly

Engineered and designed to deliver a fast, safe, and reliable temperature screening and check in experience that doesn’t involve any touchpoints or another person.

Accurate and fast temperature check

LivMote combines infrared thermography with additional sensors to perform a non-invasive and accurate temperature measure in half a second.

Zero touchpoint, away from staff

Public touchscreens are another way for viruses to spread. LivMote is completely touchless, including visistor sign in and detailed screening questions on personal smartphones.

Keep staff privacy and data security

LivMote is the only solution that doesn't rely on facial recognition to connect to employee records, with our built-in keycard and access control compatible reader.

Discover how LivMote touchless screening can help your business reopen without slowing your team down.

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Designed for your staff, contractors, customers, and more

No matter what scenario requires screening, LivMote has adaptable modes to provide a delightful experience that doesn't feel burdensome.

Office Staff



Other Visitors


Our built in suite of communication sensors means no reliance on facial recognition is necessary. Your staff can use their existing keycard, mobile device, or a personal QR code to easily record temperature readings.

Security Built In — Physical and Digital

LivMote is built on security, inside and out. Founded by former NASA and Lookout Security engineers, we've designed in world-class enterprise security both in hardware and software.

Best-in-Class Data Security

LivMote leads the industry in data security. AES-256 encryption (Data At Rest) and HTTPS/TLS 1.2 encryption over Port 443 (Data In Transit).


LivMote’s cloud services have undergone audits for ISO/IEC 27001 certification and are compliant for HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA

Security Mount + Tamper Detection

LivMote’s protective security mount prevents unauthorized removal and has a built-in tamper detection mechanism to detect root access

Designed in CA, Made in Taiwan

Built and designed by our exclusive partner, the manufacturer behind many of the world’s best companies, including Apple. Proudly show LivMote in your facility.

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