LivMote Dashboard

Real-time web portal to manage devices and reporting, setup alerts and compliance policies, and keep your spaces safe

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Daily Screening App

Mobile web app to easily manage check-ins and screening questions for staff and external visitors. No more paper & pen or public touchscreens.

Designed for your staff, contractors, customers, and more

No matter what scenario requires screening, LivMote has adaptable modes to provide a delightful experience that doesn't feel burdensome.

Office Staff



Other Visitors

How LivMote Works

LivMote uses a tiny LIDAR system to automatically detect people coming in close proximity, then provides on screen guidance to help users get into the right position.

Our intelligent IR sensor provides a temperature check in

Real Time Alerts

LivMote gives your team the ability to take action. As soon as someone's screening is flagged, LivMote contacts your pre-set personnel with all the information needed to address the situation.

Our dashboard gives you the ability to set multiple contacts and communication channels, including SMS, email, and APIs to trigger actions in other software systems.

Live Data and Reports

Equipping your team with real time data is powerful magic. Track screening compliance across your entire organization all in one place. Generate audit reports, set policy, and manage it all on our browser and mobile-based dashboard.

API for Data Integration

LivMote provides a full REST API and webhooks to make integrations easy for all of your existing software systems. See our documentation here.

Want to do more? Ask about customized reporting and integrations available through the LivMote Solutions Team.

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