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As Spyder Auto’s Safety Manager, Josh is responsible for making sure all employees go home safely every day. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Josh was responsible for selecting a screening device that would enable everyone to return to work safely. He started out with a handheld temperature scanner and an online form database that managed responses to screening questions. The scanner had to be operated by an employee, and the readings and form responses needed to be reviewed by management. Josh wanted to further automate this process, but wasn’t entirely sure where to start.

"We were looking for something that would notify us when there was an issue, as opposed to having to review data manually for 200+ people."

Josh Johnson Safety Manager at Spyder Auto


Josh and his team were frustrated by the extra time needed to conduct screenings and document results, so they decided to search for an alternative. “It was kind of a joke at first,” says Josh. “We said, “let’s find a temperature sensor -- we know they’re, like, $4,000. We’ll do it and see what we come up with.” Josh found LivMote through CarbonHealth, a LivMote partner currently transforming the healthcare space.

"It reports any issues with text notifications to our security guards, so that action can be taken even if an administrator isn’t in the building. That’s one of the features I really like."


Since implementing LivMote in July, Josh has been able to focus more on getting back to normal at work. For a time, a large part of his role focused on reopening safely with respect to COVID-19. Now, he has more time to dedicate to industry-specific safety training for Spyder Auto’s 180 employees. Currently, Spyder Auto is in the process of implementing LivMote across all of its locations.

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