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The City of Avenal was hit hard by COVID-19. A lack of testing infrastructure in the early days of the pandemic proved to be a major setback for this town of 15,505 -- one of the largest in rural Kings County, CA. Avenal’s public spaces -- its Veterans’ Hall, Theater, Community Center and more -- were shuttered, as were the range of social, athletic and community programs on which many of Avenal residents rely. The town’s vibrant day-to-day life ground to a screeching halt, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups.

"We had no mechanism to verify if someone was sick or unhealthy..."

Antony Lopez City Manager for the City of Avenal


The City of Avenal began to search for a way to quickly and effectively screen residents accessing community spaces. City Manager Antony Lopez was researching digital solutions online when he came across LivMote, which ticked all of his boxes: fast, secure, reliable and easy to implement.

"People are going to be more comfortable now that a thing like this [LivMote] is in their place of business"

Gabriel Prieto Avenal Police Department


To date, 8 LivMote devices have been installed in Avenal’s public spaces, including its Theater, Veterans’ Hall, City Hall, and Police Station. With LivMote, City staff can screen people entering each building quickly and securely, providing an increased sense of comfort and security to those participating in vital city programs.

8 LivMote Devices, 6 Locations

1. Veterans Hall
2. Avenal Theater
3. Police Station
4. Recreation Center
5. City Hall
6. Public Works

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