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Secure web app to perform daily COVID-19 health checks with your team

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Complete daily COVID-19 health checks in seconds

Performing symptom checks has never been easier. Login with any browser, fill out the screening questionnaire and press submit. No more paper & pen or public touchscreens.

Set up is easy

Get set up on ScreenMeIn in a matter of minutes. No tedious verification process or payment required.

1. Sign Up             

2. Add Your Team

3. Set Reminders

Compliant with official industry screening guidelines

Real Time Alerts

ScreenMeIn gives your powerful real time alerts so that you are able to take action. As soon as a screening is flagged, ScreenMeIn notifies you with instant email alerts.

Live Data and Reports

Equipping your team with real time data is powerful magic. Track screening compliance across your entire organization all in one place. Export to CSV and view your data anywhere at anytime and manage it all on our browser-based dashboard.

Privacy by design

At ScreenMeIn, trust is at the core of our company. We’ve engineered our products from scratch, working with the best-in-class security experts to keep your data safe. Our platform gives you full control over your data and is fully compliant for CCPA and GDPR.

View our privacy policy here.

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